Moving to Gamba

Gamba is an area in the south of Gabon. It is located at the sea.  There are 5 "Plaines" in the village. Outside the village, near the Shell Terminal and the airport, is the Shell Compound called "Yenzi".

Yenzi Compound

Shell Coumpound is called YENZI. There are about 140 houses on the compound. They vary in seize, but their lay-out is about the same. More information about houses can be found under menu item 'Housing'.

At the compound there are a number of facilities, such as The Shell primary school, the nursery, a gymnasium, a soccer field, two tennis courts, a squash hall, an 18 hole golf course, a swimming pool, playgrounds, a boatclub, a restaurant and a bakery. The Club building is located at Yenzi lake. Everyone living in Yenzi is a member of Yenzi Club and therefore can use the facilities. In some cases(Golf club) still a contribution is asked, all other facilities are for free.

The bakery at the compound has fresh baquettes, other French breads and pastry daily. The restaurants provides every day a lunch buffet. In the evening you can eat a la carte. there is also the possibility of take-away.

During the mango season, you will see lots of elephants around the camp, earlier than normal. Around 5 P.M. they will be already entering Yenzi. They are extremely dangerous; african elephants are wild, but absolutely beautiful to see.


Sport facilities and social events

As Mentioned there are a lot of sports clubs and a lot of sportive activities and other kinds of events are organised by Yenzi Club or by members of the Yenzi community. Since the Gamba area is a beautiful, but rather desolated area, far away from a big city, Yenzi compound is a close knit community with a lot of social activities. Some of the yearly returning events include: Gabonese Night, Dutch Night, International Night, Scottisch Night, car rally, Triathlon  soccer- and filed hockey matches etc.

Plaine I - V

The nearby village is called Plaine. There are in total  5 "Plaines". There are some local restaurants where you can eat fish(capitaine, rouge, gambas) and chicken with rice and baked bananas.

A popular place is Mississipi, located in Plaine V.

In Plaine I, there is a very good restaurant  managed by a young french man; it is called "Missala". Another famous restaurant among Shell spouses is called "Perroquet", very nice to celebrate Farewells.

In Plaine II there is a small cafe at the lake shore where you can get a soft drink or a beer, overlooking the lake and at lunch time they serve delicious fish soup. A lot of expat who have been staying in Gabon a bit longer can tell you all places where to go. 

There are some shops, mostly owned by Senegales, or Libanese. Small supermarkets with a lot of canned food and plastics, mainly imported from China or the Middle East. There are some shops with hardware and electric supplies. If you are in need of electric appliances, you'd better bring it from Europe or get it by Shell boat from Port-Gentil. It will be much cheaper and you'll have more choice.

At your arrival, you'll be given a "Welcome to Gamba" guide, by one of Outpost members, which gives you much more details about life over here.

Resources for moving to Gamba

Here you can find some information which can be very helpful on your move to Gabon.  They can give you an idea of the country and of what and how it is to live in Shell Yenzi Coupound. We recommend you print certain documents like the "Inside Guide" before departing to Gabon.



Here it is our Inside Guide. It provides comprehensive informations to all Shell employees moving to Gamba. Please, fell free to download and print it. If any question, please contact us.




Very important document on health, diseases & treatment, on Malaria and many other challenges of life in Gabon.




This is a very interesting document written by the last Outpost Gamba's members.

Destinations - Issue about Gabon






Here is a link where you can find out anything about the country:



Yenzi Gamba is very much on Facebook. Join us and discover what is going on our community!

There is also the group "Yenzi-Gama", for those already living among us. See you there!

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