September 23, 2013

Dealing with Elephants

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Elephants are present in the Yenzi Camp during the whole year and precautions should always be taken. However during the mango season (October to end December) they are present in larger numbers. Over the last few years a number of incidents have been recorded including elephants attacking cars and daily unsafe situations with children playing outside, people walking and cycling while elephants are already in the camp. Everybody should be aware that elephants are wild and potentially dangerous animals.

Mandatory Rules;

Never leave domestic waste outside at night. Garbage bins provided to all Yenzi households, must remain empty during the night (this to limit the attraction to elephants).– All Year;

During the Mango season children under age of 16 are not allowed outside after 17.00 hrs unless accompanied by an adult;

During the Mango season no outdoor activities for children after 17.00 hrs shall be organized (except at the club / tennis courts).

Guidelines during Mango Season;

Walking,running and cycling in and around Yenzi is discouraged after 17.00 hrs (earlier if elephants are present in Yenzi).

Using the cycle path to and from the Terminal is discouraged.

Be vigilant while sitting and/or eating outside on the patio in the evening (at several occasions elephants have stuck their head trough the mosquito netting.


Remember that wildlife always has the right of way!

Never intentionally approach to within 30 m of an elephant, even when in a car;

If you unexpectedly come across an elephant when you are on foot, then carefully move away, trying as much as possible to avoid attracting attention;

If you come across an elephant while driving, you are advised to remain in the vehicle, switch off the main lights and leave the engine running. Do not use the horn!

Do not try to chase away the elephants, let them continue with their normal business;

Do not use flash when taking photographs. Flash will either scare them or make them aggressive;

Do not let your dog approach elephants (keep the dog on a lead);

Do not feed wildlife (from your car, in the wild or at your house). It will upset their diet and lead to unnecessary dependence on people and possibly eventually harm the animal;

Do not leave fruit / food on your patio area overnight, as the elephants will not hesitate to enter and take it!

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